Ban on glue traps and snares comes into force

October 2023 | Featured, Rural policy

The Welsh Government’s ban on glue traps and snares for the purposes of hunting animals and pest control has come into force today 17 October 2023. This is the first ban of this kind in the UK and is a policy that received support by a majority of respondents to a recent public consultation. The ban follows the coming into law of the Agriculture (Wales) Bill earlier in the law.

The Government argues that snares and glue trap cause unnecessary suffering to animals, and don’t differentiate between the different kinds of animals they capture and kill. The Government has referred to the possibility of pets being caught in glue traps and having to be euthanized as a result, and the pain that snares can cause for those animals caught in them.

The minister Lesley Griffiths said last week:

‘The aim of the ban is to stop an in humane method of predator and rodent control.  Other more humane methods exist and are widely used.

The use of snares and glue traps are not compatible with the high animal welfare standards we strive for here in Wales. I’m pleased we are leading the way on this issue.’

Anyone is caught and found guilty of using snares could face prison or unlimited fine or both.

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