Business News Wales share podcast on the circular economy in collaboration with CEIC

January 2024 | Featured

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Business News Wales have launched a podcast by Dr Gary Walpole about the circular economy, it’s implications for small and medium sized businesses, and what can be done to encourage its implementation. Dr Walpole is the director of the Circular Economy Innovation Communities (CEIC) Project in Swansea and Cardiff Met Universities. In the podcast he outlines the help that’s available for businesses to make changes to their way of working to ensure a more circular way of doing business and also discusses ways of securing potential sources of funding.

Dr Walpole distinguishes between the circular economy and the linear economy. Dr Walpole defines the linear economy as one that uses raw materials from the earth to create goods which are then discarded. The circular economy is a different model in which raw materials are used and re used continuously in a loop meaning that there is less need for use of raw materials.

To learn more about what Dr Walpole has to say, and to listen to the podcast, follow this link to the Business News Wales website.

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