Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee calls for written evidence on the green economy

January 2024 | Featured, River to sea, Rural policy

The Senedd’s Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee have called on institutions, businesses, and individuals to submit written evidence for their inquiry into the green economy in Wales. The intention of the inquiry is to discover potential economic opportunities that exist for the sector, as well as hearing about the challenges facing businesses and institutions who are attempting to capitalise on those opportunities. The aim of the inquiry is to submit recommendations to the Welsh Government regarding the steps that could be taken in order to assist the sector.

The committee is keen to hear opinions in response to the following questions:

  • What should the Welsh Government prioritise in terms of opportunities for green energy sectors?
  • What are the main obstacles in Wales in terms of making the most of green economy opportunities and what can be done to overcome these?
  • What should the Welsh Government do to aid the development of supply chains in the green energy sector in Wales?
  • What challenges exist in terms of skills and finding the right workers in the sector?
  • What do workers and employers need in order to facilitate a move to a green economy in a just way?
  • How can the Welsh Government collaborate with partners in order to ensure the potential of the green economy?
  • In the context of tighter budget forecasts, how should investment in the sector be prioritised? Are there innovative means of funding that need to be considered?

The closing date for submitting evidence is 7 March 2024. To learn more regarding the call for evidence and about the work of the committee and how to submit your evidence, go to Senedd Cymru’s website or contact

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