Julie James launches Climate Action Wales public engagement strategy

July 2023 | Featured, Rural policy

Julie James, the Environment Minister, has launched the Welsh Government’s strategy to promote messages regarding climate change amongst the public. This is being done in order to educate people regarding what they can do to live a greener life and to affect behaviour change on the ground. According to James, the document is ‘designed to make greener choices more affordable and more convenient and is driven by the guiding principle of leaving no-one behind’.

The document comes following a consultation period in which discussions were held with a variety of stakeholders, and you can read a report regarding the conclusions of that exercise here. The need for such a plan derives from the Welsh Governments commitment to their Wales Net Zero policy, that aims to see carbon emissions reach net zero by 2050, which will require broad public co-operation and consensus to be achievable. Therefore according to the document the strategy will include a new national campaign that will engage ‘people in action necessary to tackle climate change’.

You can read the written statement along with the Engagement Strategy in it’s entirety here.

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