National Lottery Heritage Fund launches £9.8m fund to launch nature revival projects

September 2023 | Featured

a blue and brown dragonfly sitting on a green leaf

The National Lottery Heritage Fund has announced that two projects to promote nature revival are now open for applications. The Local Places for Nature Capital Fund finances projects that aim to improve green spaces in deprived parts of Wales while the Nature Networks Fund looks to give money to projects that try to revive natural habitats that are a haven for under threat species.

Communities and organisations can make an application for a grant up to £250,000 from a total budget of £9.8m across two funds. The Local Places for Nature Capital Fund and the Nature Networks Fund are both open for applications of between £10,000 and £250,000 until 12 December 2023. If you have an idea to improve natural areas within a town or city, want to develop a local food growing scheme or want to help different ethnic communities engage with natural heritage or if you have a way of improving and stabilising the condition of protected areas in Wales then the Heritage Fund is keen to hear from you.

Those who are interested in making an application can attend a webinar for applicants on 11 October 2023 to learn more about the funds. For further information, along with a list of all key dates and a means of registering for the webinar, follow this link to the Heritage Fund’s website.

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