The End of LEADER in Powys

July 2022 | Featured, Rural policy

A celebration event was held on July 7th to mark the end of the LEADER programme in Powys. It marked 30 years of support for innovative community-led initiatives.

LEADER began in Powys in early 1992, under the auspices of Menter Powys, one of four pioneer programmes in Wales and of only 217 across Europe. Liz Bickerton, the first Chief Officer of Menter Powys spoke about how LEADER began and how the original initiative had evolved over the years. LEADER was subsequently delivered by Glasu and for the past seven years by Arwain.

Representatives of successful Arwain LEADER projects formed a panel to discuss their achievements and legacy. A funders panel outlined forthcoming opportunities, emphasising the need for local projects to explore a wider landscape of funding including trusts and lottery.

More details on Arwain funded projects can be found here.

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