A chance to have your say on the Sustainable Farming Scheme

January 2024 | Featured, Rural policy

You have the chance to have your say on Wales’s new Sustainable Farming Scheme in the Welsh Government’s consultation on the matter. The consultation is a chance for you to voice your opinion on the proposed plans, give feedback on that which is proposed, and offer your own possible improvements to the Government. The consultation was launched on 15 December 2023 and runs until 7 March 2024.

The consultation is being held in what is a turbulent time for Welsh farming. Recent proposals by the Welsh Government regarding the agricultural sector in Wales have caused farmers and unions to express concern for the future of the industry, as a result of the uncertainty caused in changes in funding models and environmental policies. Specific requirements for planting trees have proven very controversial.

The consultation page contains the necessary information for farmers and the wider public regarding the proposals, including the consultation document itself which outlines the Scheme’s revisions, an assessment of the economic impact of the proposed Scheme along with an integrated impact assessment.

You can respond to the plans by filling in an online form, through email or by sending a hard copy through the post.

You can find more information about the Scheme by following this link to the Welsh Government’s website.

You can also attend special information events regarding the Scheme across Wales. For more information on these events follow this link.

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