New report by the Landworker’s Alliance looks at investment in vegetable production

January 2024 | Farm to fork, Featured, Rural policy

A new report published by the Landworker’s Alliance makes the case in favour of increasing the amount of vegetables grown in the United Kingdom. ‘Horticulture Across Four Nations’, which was launched in the Oxford Real Farming Conference last week, calls for 20% of the £2.7 Billion that is spent on importing vegetables currently, to be spent on securing produce from domestic growers.

According to the report, the UK currently grows 43% of the vegetables we require, and there is a broad recognition and understanding across political lines that this figure needs to be increased. The report also argues that this would ensure food security, reduce carbon emissions, be of benefit to public health and would bring significant social benefits also.

The author of the report Rebecca Laughtan,  Horticulture Campaign Coordinator at the LWA said:

‘The time has come for bold and decisive action from all four devolved Governments, to help our horticulture sector thrive. The environment, public health, local economies and communities all stand to win if policy makers work with us to achieve this vision.’

You can learn more about the report, and read it in its entirety by following this link.

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