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March 2024 | GlobalWelsh Connector Hub, Featured

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Working in collaboration with research and marketing agency Sgema, GlobalWelsh will be providing, on their platform, ‘one year of free membership’ for Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion based businesses.

The funding has been secured through the ARFOR Challenge Fund, part of the wider ARFOR programme, aimed at strengthening the relationship between the local economy and the Welsh language in west Wales.

So, if you’re a business located in Carmarthenshire or Ceredigion and would like to learn more about how to ‘take up a year free membership of Global Welsh’ as part of the Camarthenshire & Ceredigion Connector Hub project. Then read on for all your questions answered…

What is the GlobalWelsh Camarthenshire & Ceredigion Connector Hub project?

It is a pioneering pilot project aimed at promoting economic growth in Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion by leveraging the business benefits of the Welsh language and connecting local companies with the global Welsh diaspora.

What is the cost to my business of agreeing to receive one year of GlobalWelsh membership as part of the project?

In short there is no cost whatsoever. The project will pay the first year of membership on the GlobalWelsh platform for your business (one named business representative). You can decide not to renew at the end of that one year period.

What will my business gain from agreeing to receive one year complimentary membership?

Your business will gain access to a growing community of 20,000 Welsh diaspora located across 66+ countries, dedicated to building a global community for Welsh people and friends of Wales? It will assist your business in:

  • International networking: connect with the Welsh diaspora across 66+ countries, opening doors to global markets and opportunities.
  • Economic growth: leverage your Welsh identity and language as a unique economic asset, attracting new investments and ideas to your business.
  • Innovative collaboration: be part of a pioneering digital community, collaborating with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  • Cultural heritage: place your business at the forefront of a movement that values cultural roots.

We aim to create a dynamic environment for businesses in Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire by leveraging GlobalWelsh’s growing global community with Wales at its heart to help drive economic development and language-economy synergies.

So, in practice what would membership mean?

Participating businesses will have access to support from the GlobalWelsh team to help them connect with Welsh diaspora across the globe and the potential to access mentorship, training, workshops, and support in developing international trade and investment strategies. This includes:

  • Access to GlobalWelsh Connect. This provides various interactive features for members, such as submitting callouts for help, finding and connecting with like-minded members globally, accessing news, discovering events, sharing trip plans, engaging in discussions, and more. It’s a platform for personal and professional networking and growth.
  • Fostering a network that promotes business opportunities and cultural exchanges. Through its various hubs and platforms like GlobalWelsh Connect, it provides a global stage for Welsh businesses and entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and grow.
  • The GlobalWelsh community is significant in bringing together Welsh people and friends of Wales worldwide. It leverages this network to enhance the global presence of Wales, promote business opportunities, and facilitate cultural exchanges.

How can the Welsh diaspora contribute to my business?

The Welsh diaspora can contribute through mentorship, sharing expertise, facilitating trade connections, and potentially investing in local businesses.

What are the minimum criteria for my business being eligible for complimentary membership?

We appreciate that supporting the Welsh language in Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion comes in a range of forms so no one size fits all criteria is possible. We are keen to assess the positive impacts of any projects on the sustainability of the Welsh language in the region.

We will assess this therefore on a case-by-case basis however below provides a clear steer:

  1. Is your business owned / part-owned by a Welsh speaker?
  2. Does a considerable proportion of your workers speak Welsh?
  3. Is the Welsh language used in your business (be it for internal communications or external promotion)
  4. Do you have an official Welsh language policy or a ‘Cynnig Cymraeg’
  5. Do your services or products include the Welsh language in some way, for examples:
  • Delivering services bilingually / multilingually
  • Creating products or content through the medium of Welsh
  • Using the language innovatively in your business activity

If in doubt, contact us anyway. We would welcome an opportunity to assist you fully on your journey and at worst we would suggest you email a request into The Welsh Language Commissioner’s ‘Cynnig Cymraeg’ that will support you free of charge in formulating a plan to develop the language within your business free of charge for competitive advantage.

Why is the Welsh language a unique aspect of this project?

The Welsh language is not just a cultural element but also a significant economic asset that can attract new investments and ideas, providing a unique selling point in the global market. Whether you already offer some services in Welsh or are just beginning to explore how you can incorporate the language into your business, your participation in the GlobalWelsh ARFOR Connector Hub will be a step towards a more inclusive and culturally rich business environment.

What makes the ARFOR region special for this initiative?

The ARFOR region, encompassing Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion, has a rich cultural heritage and a strong Welsh-speaking community, making it an ideal location to demonstrate the economic potential of working through the Welsh language.

What are the long-term goals of the GlobalWelsh ARFOR Connector Hub?

The long-term objectives include fostering international links, promoting inward investment and export opportunities, and enhancing economic development in the region.

A little more about the partners?

The project is a collaboration between GlobalWelsh, Sgema, Yr Egin (University of Wales Trinity St David).


GlobalWelsh is an organisation focused on building a global community with Wales at its heart. It aims to create meaningful connections, tap into shared resources, and help investment and business opportunities prosper, all while celebrating Welsh success and connecting the global Welsh community.

Yr Egin (University of Wales Trinity St David) is a creative and digital centre based on the University of Wales Trinity Saint David campus in Carmarthen. The development of Yr Egin was a partnership between the University, S4C, the Welsh and UK Governments, Carmarthenshire County Council and the creative sector. It provides a creative and linguistic cluster for businesses in west Wales.

Sgema is a research and marketing agency which delivers communications and outreach work across Wales. From bespoke communications campaigns through to large scale community outreach and stakeholder engagement. It is the main project host of the Carmarthenshire & Ceredigion Connector Hub project.

For further information and to sign-up email post@sgema.cymru

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