Arsyllfa at the Royal Welsh Show 2023

July 2023 | Featured, Uncategorised

The team at Arsyllfa would like to invite you to join us for a drop-in session to discuss our work in the Royal Welsh Show on Wednesday 26 July between 2pm and 4pm. Members of our team will be upstairs at the Lantra building, to discuss our work and plans for the future as we seek to develop Arsyllfa into an innovative and forward-looking think tank looking at the Welsh rural economy and way of life.

Work has already begun on developing our platform and increasing our online presence in a bid to facilitate discussions and provide a forum in which businesses, organisations and individuals can all take part to discuss what is needed to ensure a prosperous and successful Welsh countryside. In the coming months, we aim to grow and develop our work by continuing with covering the latest stories, commissioning research, and holding events that we hope will develop and broaden the way in which rural matters are discussed. Our aim is to ensure that the views of key stakeholders are heard and listened to, and that we can play a part in fostering what should be a bright future for Welsh rural communities.

We aim to do so in part through sharing insightful research and recommendations already out there. Our work will be focused on finding solutions to problems, and helping to create broader understanding of what exactly is needed to address the problems facing the Welsh countryside in an often challenging environment. If this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of, why not drop in for a chat on the Royal Welsh Showground

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