Bevan Foundation looking to speak to those with experience of temporary accommodation

July 2024 | Featured

grayscale photo of woman standing near building

The Bevan Foundation have said that they are looking to speak to people regarding their experiences of living in temporary accommodation. According to the foundation there is a record number of people across Wales who live for extended periods in temporary accommodation provided by local Councils.

The Bevan Foundation is working in co-operation with Shelter Cymru in order to gather together accounts from individuals who have lived or are currently living under these circumstances. They are particularly keen to understand more about what it’s like to live without a permanent home, what are the practical and social implications of this way of living, and how it affects life generally.

The research is par of a joint new homes campaign that argues that there is a need for an increase in social housing supply. They encourage anyone who has lived in temporary accommodation or who knows or works with somebody that has experience living in one, to contact them via or phone 07920752468. Fore more details, follow this link to the Bevan Foundation’s website.

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