Consultation on Welsh Language Standards launched

July 2024 | Arfor, Featured

a large building with a ferris wheel in front of it

The Welsh Government have begun a consultation regarding the possibility of adding more public bodies to the list of institutions that are required to follow the Welsh Language Standards Regulations. The Standards mean that institutions have to fulfil certain requirements when it comes to the Welsh language and its day-to-day use. This includes providing certain Services in Welsh, making a language policy, promoting the Welsh Language and keeping records in Welsh along with other requirements. The Welsh Language Commissioner has responsibility for enforcing these Standards and ensuring they are followed.

The consultation aims to consult public opinion regarding amending four sets of regulations so that six public bodies and one category of persons are subject to the Welsh Language Standards. For more information regarding the Standards, the current situation as well as the proposed changes, follow this link to the consultation page on the Welsh Government’s website. The consultation will close on 7 October 2024.

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