Cyngor Gwynedd launch new cost of living website page

February 2024 | Arfor, Featured, Rural poverty

Cyngor gwynedd have announced that they have launched a new web page to help residents in the county with the challenges they face as the cost of living crisis continues. The aim is to provide practical advice to those facing financial challenges by drawing together all the information regarding the availaible help and support, including information on qualifying for further support and services. The page includes advice and useful information on bills, benefits, help with school costs, information on food banks and much more.

In a statement Nia Jeffreys, Deputy Leader of Cyngor Gwynedd said:

‘Following the expensive period of Christmas and the cold winter, unfortunately the cost of living continues to rise, so it is timely to remind the people of Gwynedd where they can find the help that is available.

‘Too often, people don’t realize what help is available or what they qualify for. People may be missing out on things that would make their lives easier and more comfortable and the new page on the website contains extensive information about support.

‘I encourage anyone to go and visit the new page where everything is available in one place at your fingertips, day and night.’

To visit the page and to discover more information about the help available, go to

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