Defining Language and the Economy

August 2020 | Arfor, Featured

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As part of the Eisteddfod AmGen virtual events, Arsyllfa held a series of sessions on the economy in Wales. The second session ‘Defining Language and the Economy / Language Economy using Arfor as a case study’ was broadcast during the Eisteddfod AmGen week.

The session delved deeper into the definition and relationship between the Language and the Economy by looking at the field of language policy and planning. The discussion used the Arfor concept as the case study in order to explain the differences between both definitions and how they are implanted within communities. Hopefully the discussion will lead to a far better interpretation of the relationship between the Economy and Language.

Owen Derbyshire chaired the session and he summarises the discussion

“With COVID re-shaping our world, and Brexit on the horizon, there has never been a more important time for us to come together and have an honest, open and constructive dialogue about the Welsh economy, and what public policy can do to support our Welsh-speaking communities.

“The first step in this journey is to define the challenge; one important aspect of the initial discussion is the need to tidy up the confusion that already exists between our understanding of the terms – Language and the Economy and Economy Language.”

The panel consisted of academics and individuals who have extensive experience of working and researching into the relationship of the Economy and the Language:

Huw Lewis – Prifysgol Aberystwyth University
Dr Dyfan Powell – Wavehill
Siân Gwenllïan – Arfon Member of Senedd Cymru
Dafydd Gruffydd – Menter Môn
Gareth Ioan – Iaith Cyf

You can re-watch the session below. There are several sessions as part of Eisteddfod AmGen  that overlap the relationship of the Welsh language with the Economy and for more information check out Eisteddfod AmGen.


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