IBERS to take part in ‘Pea Protein’ project

June 2023 | Farm to fork, Featured, Rural policy

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Aberystwyth University’s IBERS department is to take part in a new project to discover new types of peas in order to reduce dependency on soya imports.

The project, that is being led by grass and forage seed specialists Germinal and will include academics from Aberystwyth University, is an attempt to find uses for peas as a protein source in both human and animal foods.

Peas suit the growing climate of the United Kingdom better than soya, which is hard to grow here. By developing new varieties of peas that can replace soya, there could be less reliance on imports in order to create plant-based proteins.

A development of this kind could not only see benefits in terms of food Security, but also be helpful in regenerating agricultural land, as peas release nitrogen to the soil as part of their natural growing process. Developing pea varieties that are free from their usual distinct flavour would mark a path towards much more sustainable ways of producing protein.

In a statement, Dr. Catherine Howarth from IBERS said:

“Peas have an excellent nutritional profile and are an important part of sustainable rotations in UK agriculture. They can also help reduce our reliance on imported soya, which will support society in meeting the government’s net zero targets. There is a vast array of products that include peas as an ingredient, and we are excited to be part of this project.”

You can read more about the project on Aberystwyth University’s website.

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