New Report: Wales Field Guide for Future Generations

November 2020 | Featured, Rural policy

green grass field near green trees and mountain during daytime

The Wales Field Guide for Future Generations calls for the country to ‘seize this critical moment’ to resource and implement its forward-looking policy agenda.

The report draws from discussions by the Food, Farming & Countryside Commission with people across the nation and illustrates some of the good work already underway. These inspiring stories show a surge in energy and appetite for new ways of sourcing and growing food and a new appreciation for the role of the countryside. They highlight the pressing need for the implementation of Wales’ Future Generations Act to be urgently accelerated to support people already working towards a green recovery.

The document offers new questions instead of the usual recommendations and addresses the opportunities rather than the challenges facing our rural areas such as how responding to Brexit could open the door to creating a new integrated food system, and using existing tools such as public procurement to directly drive increased local provision.

Over the next three years the commission’s objective is to provide evidence and recommendations based on sound research to ensure a rigorous and sustainable approach to food policy and its implementation in Wales.


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