Mid Wales and South West Wales Economic Frameworks

October 2020 | Featured, Rural policy

gray asphalt road under cloudy sky

Working together, the Welsh Government and regional partners are inviting people to join them in establishing a shared vision for the distinct economies of Mid Wales and South West Wales. It is hoped that the new framework will the basis of developing the region’s economy further.

The economies of Mid Wales and South West Wales are intrinsically linked with each and every aspect of life in the region. As we look to the future therefore, and consider both the long-term economic development of the region, as well as its short-term post-Covid-19 reset and recovery, it is essential that all have their say and that different voices are heard. The Government also believes that a regional economic framework such as this needs to be created by those that it will impact the most, therefore it is asking for people from the area to contribute and input into the new framework.

Over the next few months’ there will be opportunities to contribute to by joining online discussions, completing activity packs and through contacting directly using the following email canoladeorllewin@REF.cymru.

For more information visit the framework’s webpage.

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