NFU Cymru and NFU Mutual seek to award livestock champion

October 2023 | Featured

a herd of sheep walking across a lush green field

NFU Cymru and NFU Mutual have announced that they are looking once again for a ‘Livestock Champion’ working within the agricultural industry in Wales. This is the ninth time that the ‘Livestock Champion of the Year’ award is being held that aims to award expertise, commitment, and enthusiasm in those that help to keep stock on Welsh farms. The winner will receive £500 and a special trophy.

Rob Lewis, Chairman of NFU Cymru’s Livestock Board and one of the judges of the competition said:

‘In Wales we have some of the best quality beef and sheep in the world, produced to the highest animal health and welfare standards. This award aims to celebrate excellence amongst Welsh livestock producers.’

‘We want to recognise the key role an exceptional livestock person can make to a livestock farm, and to the Welsh livestock industry as a whole. Potential winners will be judged on their management of the flock/herd, their animal health planning, breeding programme, their stock handling skills, how they incorporate health and safety into their day-to-day activities on-farm and their vision for the future of the industry.’

If you have an interest in nominating someone or want to make an application for the award yourself, you can do that by visiting NFU Cymru’s website to find more information.

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