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May 2024 | Arfor, Featured, GlobalWelsh Connector Hub

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As part of the launch of the Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion Connector Hub, this is the second article in our series on regional innovation, spotlighting Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion. This article provides a snapshot of Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion. Given the dynamic nature of the regions, some details may change as new developments arise. This time we are looking at their commitment to advancing agriculture, technology, and local businesses.

Food Innovation Wales: Culinary creativity
Food Innovation Wales stands as a testament to the region’s commitment to culinary excellence and innovation. Offering support, advice, and creative ideas, it aids businesses in overcoming technical and operational challenges. Its impact is evident, with twenty clients winning at the 2023 Great Taste Awards. Located in Ceredigion, one of its centres (Food Centre Wales, Horeb) is at the heart of supporting the Welsh food industry to innovate, expand, and navigate the complexities of regulatory frameworks.

Aber Innovation
AberInnovation provides a seamless environment for businesses to begin, expand, and flourish. Supported by a robust community that includes world-leading experts and premier businesses, the newly inaugurated campus at AberInnovation is designed at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, serving as a central hub for a vibrant community of ambitious, cooperative companies of various sizes. It aims to foster advancements in product and process development across the agri-tech, food and drink, and bio-economy sectors.

The facility includes:
– Biorefining centre, enabling the development of new bio-derived products and processes using plant materials, crop residues, and waste streams.
– Advanced analysis centre, offering bespoke services in compositional analysis, biomarker technologies, remote monitoring, and advanced data handling and modelling.
– Seed biobank and processing facility, supports industrial partners with extensive plant genetic resources, scalable seed processing, and qualitative evaluations for innovative breeding programs.

Advancements in agricultural technology
Carmarthenshire’s agricultural sector is witnessing a revolution, largely thanks to the Agriculture Research Centre at Coleg Sir Gar’s Gelli Aur Campus. This unique centre is devoted to enhancing Welsh agriculture through research, technology transfer, and specialist advice and is hosting the Tywi Farm Nutrient Partnership, Tywydd Tywi Weather and Animal Health and Welfare Wales projects. From precision farming to animal health and welfare, its initiatives are setting new standards for efficiency and sustainability in farming.

100% Sir Gâr: A virtual marketplace for local excellence
To support local retailers and producers, Carmarthenshire has introduced 100% Sir Gâr, a virtual platform that showcases the best of local products. This initiative, supported by councils and business groups, provides an invaluable opportunity for independent businesses to reach a wider audience, promoting and marketing their unique offerings effectively.

In Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion, innovation is more than just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. These regions are leveraging efforts in agriculture, food innovation, and local business support, they are not just facing the future; they are shaping it.
This piece aims to highlight key aspects and current initiatives but cannot capture every aspect of ongoing changes. For the latest updates and more detailed information, please refer to local resources and if you have insights, questions, or would like to get involved in the conversation, we encourage you to reach out and join the discussion.

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