OECD publishes two reports on innovation in rural Scotland

October 2023 | Featured, Rural policy

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have published two reports looking at innovation in the context of rural Scotland. These reports provide an interesting insight into the type of work being undertaken in other areas of the UK in order to ensure that innovation and enterprise are a central consideration when thinking about economic development. They provide examples for those in Wales interested in the rural economy to consider as the relationship between the rural and urban becomes more of a prevalent issue following developments in work practices following the pandemic.

The first report, titled ‘Enhancing Innovation in Rural Regions: Scotland (UK)’, encourages the Scottish Government to consider forming an innovation strategy that gets to grips with different kinds of innovation beyond science and technology. It is argued that this is needed to be implemented by means of regional partners across the country.

The second report, titled ‘Networks and Rural-Urban Linkages for Rural Innovation’ explores the role that networks and connections between countryside and city can play in expanding innovation by placing a specific emphasis on the unique attributes that rural areas possess and the types of innovation that this can foster.

You can read the reports in their entirety by following the links below.

Enhancing Innovation in Rural Regions: Scotland (UK)

Networks and Rural-Urban Linkages for Rural Innovation


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