Review of Wales’ renewable energy targets – consultation closes

June 2023 | Rural policy

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The consultation launched by Climate Change Minister Julie James MS, on the Welsh Government’s new target of meeting 100% of its electricity needs from renewable sources by 2035, has closed and responses are currently being analysed.

At the launch of the consultation earlier this year, the Minister stated that by 2035, Wales aims to have 1.5GW of renewable energy capacity “locally owned,” excluding heat pumps. Additionally, there is a target of 5.5GW for heat pumps, subject to increased support from the UK government and cost reductions in the technology.

To achieve these targets, James emphasised the importance of Wales’s infrastructure and supply chain as these will play a crucial role in meeting the revised goals. As part of the efforts to bolster the renewable energy sector, the Minister revealed that £1 million in funding will be allocated to exploring the potential of offshore wind. This funding will be match-funded by Associated British Ports, enabling preparatory work for future floating offshore wind projects to be carried out in Wales.

The outcomes of the consultation process will help shape the strategy and policies necessary to achieve Wales’s renewable energy objectives by 2035.

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