Rural poverty

May 2023 | Rural poverty

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Rural poverty is a significant concern in Wales, with studies highlighting the complexity and interconnectivity of factors contributing to this issue. The report A Rural Vision for Wales by Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins, Helen Howells, Jesse Heley, and Michael Woods, offers a thorough analysis of the socio-economic position of rural Wales, potential pressures, and the impacts of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. Other studies, such as ‘Tackling Rural Poverty: Developing Community-based Approaches’ by Paul Milbourne and Helen Coulson and the Wales Centre for Public Policy suite of reports exploring poverty in Wales, including ‘What Works in Tackling Rural Poverty’ and ‘What Works in Tackling Rural Poverty: An Evidence Review of Economic Interventions’, identify various dimensions of rural poverty, including housing needs, access to services, public transport, and fuel poverty. It is clear from the reports that defining poverty is complex due to its multifaceted nature but there are key consequences and themes that are consistent including:

  • Fuel, Food, Transport and Digital poverty
  • Physical and mental health impacts
  • Social exclusion, isolation and loneliness
  • Housing and homelessness

You can read more items on rural poverty in Wales by visiting this section of the website.

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