Up to £24k prize pot to support the Welsh language

February 2024 | Arfor, Featured

M-SParc and the Welsh Government are launching a hack to support innovative new technologies to promote the use of the Welsh language, in the effort to reach a million Welsh speakers by 2050. This is the third ‘Hac Iaith’ run by the team at M-SParc. M-SParc, Bangor University’s Science Park, promotes economic growth by providing dedicated business support to its many tenants and wider ecosystem, with an aim to ultimately create well-paid careers for local people. As part of this goal, they also host events including hackathons to encourage innovative thinking and to fund emerging ideas. Hac Iaith is the latest of these opportunities. The hack is split into two exciting online events. The first is the launch on Thursday the 22nd, where the public will be able to ask questions and hear the full criteria that the panel is looking for. The pitching event, where the ideas will be shared and the winner of the funds is announced live, will take place – appropriately – on St David’s Day. M-SParc are leading on the arrangements and marketing of the Hac Iaith.

“This will be the first Hackathon that I’ve organised, having taken part previously as a participant. Hacks are always exciting events, and I can’t wait to see what innovative ideas, utilising the latest digital advances, we can help make reality.” – Tom Burke, M-SParc’s Digital Innovation Manager.

“I’ll be hosting Hac Iaith 2024, and I’d say, if you’re not sure if this is for you, watch the online launch on the 22nd and see if you get inspired. The amount of talent and ingenuity in Wales is genuinely exciting, and hopefully we can also be match-makers, partnering you with technical and creative innovators to reach your goals collaboratively.” – Emily Roberts, M-SParc’s Outreach and Community Manager.

“I’m proud to fund M-SParc’s third Welsh language technology hackathon, inviting new ideas to get more people using the Welsh language.” – Jeremy Evas, Head of the 2050 Project, Welsh Government.

More information here

Sign-up to view the launch event on Thursday (22/02/2024) here


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