Using the Welsh language as part of your business

July 2020 | Arfor, Featured

Already a thriving and living language in many communities, the Welsh language is used by an array of businesses not only in the workplace but while creating products and providing services. It’s an integral part of the business offer.

A good example of how the Welsh language is being used effectively in business is Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog which works closely with the community to understand its needs and services.  While developing a strong foundational economy in Blaenau Ffestiniog and nearby communities, the business has the potential of being used as an efficient model on how social enterprise can influence the local economy and offer sustainable job opportunities for the local population.

Further information can be seen in their case study:


According to the Welsh Language Commissioner’s research paper, Welsh in the shopping basket, 68% of consumers like seeing the use of the language within business. The language is seen as a viable service that can be of advantage to your business.

Cultural centres use these linguistic services across Wales by connecting the distinct culture with other services and products. For example, The Galeri in Caernarfon has been able to offer these services and become a hub for events within the Arfon area.

The Galeri’s work has also contributed to the regeneration of Caernarfon high street by enticing more visitors into the historic town. Here’s an insight into the work of Galeri Cyf:


The Welsh language is an important means for businesses to be able to interact, to establish themselves within communities and to help strengthen the local economy itself. Research carried out by 4CG in Aberteifi notes that for every £100 spent within the local economy, on average it creates a further £600, while spending the same amount in supermarkets only contributes 25p to the local economy.

Partneriaeth Ogwen has worked hard on strengthening the local pound and has developed a social enterprise network that works closely with local businesses, offering opportunities and services to the local area. You can hear more about the work of Partneriaeth Ogwen here:


These case studies are just a small example of the potential the language has when used as part of your business and its long-term impact on the local economy and job prospects for the local population. A clear mandate on how the business world invests in the Welsh language is needed if the Welsh language is to thrive as a living language and is used in all parts of life.


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