Wales Climate Week 2023 to focus on fairness

November 2023 | Featured, Rural policy

The Wales Climate Week 2023 will have a special focus on fairness, and the ways in which we can ensure any changes in policy needed to reduce carbon emissions are felt equally across society.

One of the events organised is a virtual conference held over 5 days starting on 4 December running until 8 December 2023, with access to the discussions free for anybody who wishes to attend. Across the sessions there will be a particular emphasis on how climate change tends to have a disproportionate effect on different people and places and how it can be ensured that any policy changes have a sense of equality at their core.

The conference will open with a presentation by the Climate Change Minister Julie James discussing a ‘just transition’. You can find more information along with a full timetable for the event, and register to attend, by visiting the Wales Climate Week 2023 website.

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