Wales Climate Week: A chance to watch sessions on demand

December 2023 | Featured, Rural policy

Wales Climate Week 2023 was held last week, with 95 contributors taking part across 28 sessions. There was a wide variety of conversations and presentations by experts, academics, and stakeholders from a broad range of fields of expertise. There was discussion of transport, housing, work, business and health and wellbeing and how all these interact with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and ensuring that Wales is ready to cope with climate change challenges.

The theme of the event was fairness, with a specific focus on how to ensure the move towards an economy less reliant on fossil fuels doesn’t punish the poorest in our society. Work to this end is only just beginning and is sure to be an ever greater factor of our politics in Wales and beyond in the years to come.

Now, you can watch all the sessions back on demand on the Wales Climate Week and you can do so by following this link.

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