Welsh Government holding consultation on housing sector

August 2023 | Featured, Rural policy, Rural poverty

an aerial view of a city with lots of houses

The Welsh Government have launched a green paper with the aim of consulting public opinion with regards to aspects of the housing sector.

According to the green paper they have an interest in seeking people’s opinion regarding “rents, tenant and landlord behaviour, affordability, and high-level approaches for how we could look to further improve the supply and adequacy of housing overtime.”

They are also keen to hear from people about ways of ensuring adequate housing stock. The intention is to use any feedback that results from the green paper to inform a white paper. That paper will include new ways of making housing affordable for people on low incomes which is a part of the Co-operation Agreement with Plaid Cymru.

According to the ministerial forward by Julie James:

“Ahead of developing any proposals for policy interventions or legislative change in a White Paper we need to gather evidence to understand in more detail the Private Rented Sector in Wales both in terms of the drivers for tenants and landlords, and also 10 the longer-term changes that the sector may need to accommodate in the future, so that impacts or consequences can be understood.”

You can respond to the consultation by filling in a response form. You can read the green paper in full here, and you can find the associated documents and response form here.

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