Welsh Government provides £1 million for ammonia reduction in agriculture

November 2023 | Featured, Rural policy

a group of black and white cows in a pen

The Welsh Government have announced that they are to provide £1 million to projects that can show that they can reduce ammonia emissions. Ammonia, along with methane, carbon and phosphates can be one of the main emissions resulting from farming livestock, and the intention of this fund is to aid farmers in order to reduce pollution that can result from emissions of this kind.

The scheme is part of the Government’s Small Business Research Initiative and the aim is to try to aid businesses to develop innovative products and services that will be able to help reduce the effects ammonia emissions can have on the land, waterways and atmosphere. Atmospheric ammonia results from the natural breakdown of animal waste, with high rates of emissions seen in the cattle industry and specifically the dairy sector. Any solution that sees reduction in emissions of this kind that also helps farmers maintain the same level of production is a potentially very valuable commodity for the industry.

Businesses will have the opportunity to put together an information pack showing how their projects can reduce ammonia emissions and are in-line with UK Air Quality initiatives.

Lesley Griffiths, the Rural Affairs Minister said:

‘Tackling ammonia emissions in Wales is an important issue.

We know most ammonia emissions come from the agriculture sector and so the challenge we are putting to businesses is primarily focussed on this.

I encourage everyone with an interest in making a real difference to how we address this matter to apply for support.’

For more information about this scheme, visit this page run by the SBRI Centre of Excellence.

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