Aberystwyth University receives £500,000 to research possible uses of artificial intelligence to develop new crops

June 2023 | Automation & AI, Featured, Rural policy

brown wheat in close up photography

Aberystwyth University has received £500,000 by the UK Government to research the uses of artificial intelligence to produce new types of crops.

The project will be led by members of staff from IBERS and will look specifically at the types of miscanthus best able to withstand changes in the climate. Miscanthus is used for bio-energy production and grows well on land that isn’t suited for food production.

John Doonan from Aberystwyth University said:

‘It is a great honour to receive support from this initiative – it’s only a select number of universities that have benefited from the investment. It underlines the importance of our research here in Aberystwyth not only locally but nationally and internationally as well.

The UK and the world need to reduce CO2 emissions to mitigate climate change, so we must develop our economy to take advantage of green technologies as opposed to relying on fossil fuels. Exploiting artificial intelligence to breed new bioenergy crops will be a significant part of the answer.’

You can read more about the project on Aberystwyth University’s website.

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