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November 2023 | Arfor, Featured

On Friday 24 November there was a discussion regarding ARFOR on the Dros Ginio programme on BBC Radio Cymru. Dr Elin Royles from Aberystwyth University was speaking with Dewi Llwyd giving an overview of the history and aims of the programme and the type of work that is being undertaken under the ARFOR umbrella during the second part of the scheme.

Dr Royles said:

‘There is an awareness of the need for a greater understanding of the relationship between the economy and the language within the ARFOR Programme, but also beyond that. We know it is important, there is an awareness in the wider literature that it’s important but not much research has been undertaken. Consequently, as part of the ‘learning’ activity within the programme, our role is to encourage greater attention to the relationship between the two elements and to discuss the findings of the ARFOR evaluation in due course. We will try to inform the programme as it progresses by reviewing research and other activities, including by drawing research beyond Wales to the attention of practitioners working in the field.’

You can listen to the full discussion by following this link (discussion starts around 12 minutes in).

Dr Royles has contributed an article to Arsyllfa looking at the key principles of the ARFOR programme, asking several key questions that need to be considered if the programme is to be successful and have a long term impact.

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