Cyngor Gwynedd call for applications to the Allotment Grant Scheme

November 2023 | Farm to fork, Featured

green leafed plants near trees

Cyngor Gwynedd have reminded community groups, charities, community and town councils and voluntary groups about money that is available to increase access to allotments for people in the area. You can make an application for money to ensure one or more of the following aims:

  • Creating an allotment / allotments
  • Bringing old or disused allotment back into use
  • Improving access to allotments.
  • Improving facilities and services on allotment sites.
  • Improving security on allotments.
  • Improving biodiversity on allotments.
  • Promoting and raising awareness of allotments.

The money can be used to buy building materials, fences, gates and signs along with equipment such as sheds, glass houses, poly tunnels, storage and water troughs. It can also be used to help prepare ground, especially if the site is one that hasn’t been used in a while. The money can also be used to invest in technology to help promote and run the allotment sites.

You can find an application form that outlines all the requirements of the grant on Cyngor Gwynedd’s website. All applications need to be submitted by 1 December 2023.

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