Future Generations Comissioner launches Cymru Can strategy

November 2023 | Featured

The Future Generations Commissioner has said that Wales needs to improve the implementation of the Future Generations Act. According to Derek Walker there needs to be a significant change in the way the law is enacted to avoid missing key targets.

Cymru Can is a 7 year strategy that outlines 5 area for improvement, which are:

  • Ensure that the law has an effect on the day to day lives of people in Wales
  • Respond to the climate and nature emergencies
  • Do more to improve general health and wellbeing of people in Wales
  • Ensure an economy that promotes wellbeing
  • Defend and expand Welsh culture and the Welsh language.

The Commissioner has spent the last 8 months speaking with people across Wales about those areas where his work can have the most impact. The result of those discussions is Cymru Can, that sets out a course of action until 2030.

As part of the immediate changes, the Commissioner says he will divert the resources of the institution to increase the advice and support provided to public bodies, promising that this will be under constant review that ensures timely delivery.

Derek Walker said of the strategy:

‘People are proud of the Well-being of Future Generations Act and our well-being goals– but we must push harder to ensure they’re better implemented to make more positive change in people’s daily lives, now and in the future.

‘We need urgent and transformational change, with joined-up and long-term solutions to problems like the climate and nature emergencies, inequality and poverty and it’s not happening at the pace and scale we need it to – it’s my job to work with others to find better ways to support that change.

‘Cymru can do so much more to increase everyone’s well-being and involve more people in building new positive futures– we have the permission and legal obligation of this unique law to do better things, and there are great examples of where that’s happening which can be spread across Wales.’

To learn more about Cymru Can, go to the Future Generations Commissioner’s website.

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