Farming Connect announces workshops to reduce emissions

October 2023 | Featured, Rural policy

Farming Connect have announced a series of free workshops to help farmers understand how they can reduce emissions in their herd and flocks. The workshops will be provided by local vets in order to help farmers prepare for the Sustainable Farming Plan that will put in place new policies for reducing emissions.

The three workshops will concentrate on the Animal Health Improvement Cycle (AHIC) which is a means of shaping the productivity, profitability and sustainability of Farming busnisess that keep animals, in order to ensure animal health and welfare. They will show how farmers can use data collection methods and benchmarking Techniques to ensure that progress is made in reducing carbon footprints.

Becky Summons, Farming Connect Animal Health and Welfare (AH&W) and E-learning Manager said:

‘Workshop attendees will also gain and understanding of the environmental benefits of good herd and flock management.’

Those who attend will receive Lantra Awards’ ‘certificate of attendance’. To learn more about the workshops, or to express an interes in attending one of the sessions, follow this link to Farming Connect’s website.

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