Meat Promotion Wales searching for members for industry group

October 2023 | Featured, Farm to fork

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Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) is looking for up to 10 members to take part in a new working Group that will look at innovation and research within the meat production industry. The Sustainable Innovation and Research Working Group will help to aid HCC’s work by looking at the most recent developments in the field with the aim of developing new ways of looking at sustainability in producing red meat in Wales.

HCC are looking for candidates that have relevant experience in the fields of genetics, animal health and wellbeing, land management, grassland management, natural resources and other fields relating to sustainability and producing meat.

HCC’s Head of Sustainability and Future Policy, Rachael Madeley-Davies said:

‘This new Working Group will be really important to HCC’s work, with sustainability, efficiency and innovation all high on HCC’s and the wider agri-food sector’s agenda.’

‘We recognise the importance of having diverse skills, knowledge and experience in the Working Group, so whilst our focus will be on the red meat sector in Wales, we welcome applications from individuals with relevant experience from outside of Wales also.’

‘Sustainable innovation and research hold the key to driving efficiency and profitability for farmers and the sector as a whole, both in a financial and environmental sense. I would warmly encourage anyone who feels they can contribute to this area of work and discussion to apply.’


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