Innovative new art and wellbeing project launching in Caernarfon

September 2023 | Arfor, Featured

The Mwy project have announced that they are holding in person events in Caernarfon on 12 and 19 September 2023. These free to attend sessions will be held in Porthi Dre in Caernarfon under the guidance of Sioned Medi Evans, Iola Ynyr and Nia Wyn Skyrme.

The intention of the project is to encourage wellbeing through creative and cultural means through the medium of Welsh to women over the age of 18. The organisers of the project want the sessions to foster a positive and supportive environment that will help individuals to use their creativity to imagine a better future for themselves, for other and for the environment. Those that attend will have the ability to present their ideas and discuss them with others as well as producing creative work in written and visual forms. The main aim of these sessions is to encourage confidence in individuals to express themselves in the name of feeling better and more comfortable in themselves and to provide an environment in which to do that which is both welcoming and supportive for everybody.

Sioned Medi Evans, an artist and one of the co-ordinators and leaders of Mwy said:

‘Being a part of the Mwy project, has literally given me more than I could have imagined already, and we’re only just starting. Iola Ynyr and I have held four in person taster sessions and one virtual one over Zoom, and the response and the experience has inspired me more than any other project that I have been a part of. The honesty and creativity of the girls that have contributed so far has proven that there is a dire need for these kinds of projects in our communities, especially through the medium of Welsh.’

These sessions in Caernarfon are part of a wider programme of events and workshops. After some taster sessions held before the summer, the organisers now are undertaking a full programme of face-to-face events in Caernarfon and also virtual sessions until March 2024. The next virtual sessions are being held on 3 October and 7 November 2023, and as the demand for these are likely to be high, those who wish to attend are encouraged to book a place by following this link. The organisers also wish for those who are in the process of learning Welsh know that they are welcome to attend also.

The project is being funded by the Llais y Lle fund organised by the Arts Council of Wales and also Cyngor Gwynedd. For more information regarding Mwy’s work you can follow the project on Instagram and Twitter to find the latest information. You can also find information regarding their events on the Am platform.


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