Welsh Government hold Heat Strategy Consultation

September 2023 | Featured, Uncategorised

a white radiator in a room

The Welsh Government are holding a Heat Strategy for Wales Consultation, in order to understand public opinion regarding their heat strategy that was recently published. The Government’s aim is to develop heat systems that aren’t reliant on inputs from carbon emitting sources. The strategy is a broad in scope and asks those taking part to respond by looking at 6 key areas. Those areas are:

  • Enabling framework: that will allow a just transition from heating systems that emit carbon to greener systems
  • Energy Networks: how heat will be provided and its relationship to the energy grid and current energy supply.
  • Houses: how can the current housing stock be adapted to make it more efficient and ensure that any new houses built are energy efficient and retain heat.
  • Businesses: how this all relates to local businesses and how the transformation in the ways of thinking about heat and energy can help businesses and local economies flourish.
  • Industry: how to create an environment for innovative developments that will lead the way in solving problems regarding heating homes and that will encourage further investment in similar sectors.
  • Public services: how to lead the way in the change that is needed by ensuring that public buildings under the Governments control are adapted so that they are more energy and heat efficient.

You can read the strategy in its entirety here, and you can respond to the survey by following this link. The closing date for responses is 8 November 2023.

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