NFU Cymru releases General Election manifesto

June 2024 | Arfor, Farm to fork, Featured

Big Ben, London

NFU Cymru have announced their manifesto for the 2024 Westminster General Election. The manifesto outlines the priorities of the union and specific requests to whoever forms the next UK Government to ensure support for farmers and rural communities in Wales.

Although agriculture is a devolved issue, the NFU notes that the money that is available for agriculture in Wales is decided indirectly by budget decisions made by the Treasury in London. They outline three priorities for the UK Government to consider in order to ensure adequate funding for agriculture in Wales.

Firstly, they ask for the UK Government to provide a stable support budget for agriculture that will last until the next general election.

Secondly, they request that the UK Government commit to look afresh at the budget allocation that is provided to UK farmers to restore the value of farming following recent inflation.

Thirdly, they note that there is a need of a budget of over £500m for farming in Wales in order for the industry to reach their ambitions regarding food production, ensuring a future for nature and reducing the effect of farming on the climate.

You can find more information and read the manifesto in its entirety on the NFU’s website.

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