Paper calls for ‘spatial justice’ for countryside

October 2023 | Featured, Rural policy

a landscape with hills and trees

A new paper by Professor Michael Woods from the Geography and Earth Sciences Department at Aberystwyth University has called for ‘spatial justice’ to address the numerous problems that rural communities in the UK face. The paper has been published in The Geographical Journal, the quarterly journal of The Royal Geographic Society.

Spatial justice means a way of approaching social justice in special terms, looking specifically at the geographic and public policy elements that affects a space or area. The paper recommends using spatial justice theory to develop policy responses to the crises that rural areas face and sets a framework in place that outlines how this could be done. It is the author’s argument that this method of considering social injustices would be beneficial when considering the problems of rural Britain.

You can read the paper, titled ‘Rural recovery or rural spatial justice? Responding to multiple crises for the British countryside’ by following this link.

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