Ramblers Cymru’s Paths to Wellbeing project creates 145 new walking routes

July 2023 | Featured, Rural policy

Ramblers Cymru’s paths to Wellbeing project have announced that they have helped to create 145 new walking routes across Wales over the last two years. The project has been helping 18 communities all over Wales to create accessible, easy to follow and utilise walking routes for people of all abilities.

In a statement on their website Angela Charlton, director of Ramblers Cymru said: ‘The project was created to look at new ways to improve paths and access, as we estimate that around 50% of the paths (Public Rights of Way) in Wales are inaccessible.

We believe that the Paths to Wellbeing project model is the way forward and that we need to work with communities to help them take ownership of their local path network. Putting walking at the heart of the community can deliver so many benefits, from improved health and wellbeing to attracting visitors who can boost the local economy and linking communities to each other and their rich cultural heritage.’

The majority of these new walking routes are suitible for families, and some are routes suitable for buggies and those that use a wheelchair. You can find all the routes on Ramblers Cymru’s interactive map by following this link. You can read more about the scheme here.

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