Welsh Language Commissioner launches guidance on bilingual signs

July 2023 | Arfor, Featured

The Welsh Language Commissioners office has launched guidance for businesses and charities to aid the use of Welsh on signage.

The Commissioner’s Office sees this as part of their work facilitating advice to individuals who perhaps need some guidance or support on how to utilise the language in workplaces beyond the public sector. It also forms a part of the Welsh Language Commissioner Efa Gruffydd Jones’s wider ambition to provide clear and practical advice to individuals, businesses and institutions that will help promote wider use of the language in the long term.

This guidance is the latest in a series of resources that the Commissioner’s Office have provided to businesses and organisations that want to increase their use of Welsh. There are also resources to help you use Welsh on social media, guidance on how to design bilingually as well as how to consider the Welsh language while recruiting along with many other topics that discuss how to go about utilising Welsh in an accessible and convenient way in your organisation.

Anyone who has an interest in increasing the visibility of the Welsh language within their business or organisation can find the guide, along with further information about the benefits of using Welsh in your business, by following this link.

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