Research shows significant economic contribution of the Urdd

November 2023 | Arfor, Featured, Rural policy

A research report by Arad research company has shown that Urdd Gobaith Cymru contributed £44.9 million to the Welsh economy in the year 2022-23. This shows an increase in the economic value of the organization from £25.5 million to £44.9 million in five years, an increase of 76%, while it’s turnover has increased from £10.2 million to £19.6 million, an 88% increase.

The report which was published today in an event on the Urdd site in Cardiff Bay, gave particular attention to the ways in which the Urdd provide job opportunities to young people in Wales and their role as an employer. 42% of the Urdd’s workforce are under 25, and 38% of their national strategic board between 18 and 25. The report shows a commitment to being not only an organization that provides leisure opportunities for young people but one that is also committed to employing and training young people also.

The report also shows the economic contribution that Urdd sites make locally and nationally. According to Arad Urdd campsites generated £7.9 million in their local communities, while their sporting activities had generated £6.1 million of economic value across Wales. There was an increase of 109% in the number of new apprenticeships since 2018 and 80% of those that have completed the apprenticeship are employed by the organization.

Along with it’s main aim of providing a picture of the economic contribution of the Urdd, the report also shows how the Urdd’s activity has a positive effect on the way the language is perceived by young people in Wales. 92% of respondents to a survey said that they felt more positive about the language, 88% said they were more likely to use the language and 73% said they felt that they understood more about Wales. There were positive responses also when discussing their confidence, their wellbeing, and their social skills.

Sian Lewis, Chief Executive of the Urdd said:

‘Research company Arad were commissioned to assess the Urdd’s economic value to Wales, and it’s fair to say that we are very pleased with the figures. The Urdd’s aim is to provide experiences and activities through the medium of Welsh for children and young people in Wales, but this report demonstrates that we go way above our aims by generating jobs and wealth for the economy of Wales.

‘With 362 members of staff, the Urdd is one of the largest Welsh language employers and the main provider of apprenticeships through the medium of Welsh within the third sector in Wales. Today’s economic value of £44.9 million shows that a third sector organisation that operates through the medium of Welsh can succeed in creating an economic impact together with a positive influence on the Welsh language.

‘In this challenging economic climate, we appreciate that every organisation receiving public money needs to demonstrate value for money and I am pleased that this report clearly shows our impact on Wales.’

To read the report in full, follow this link.

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