The Office for National Statistics say that a million less are getting health benefits from nature since 2020

November 2023 | Featured

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According to The Office for National Statistics, a million less people are spending time in natural environments since the COVID-19 pandemic. It is estimated that around 1.1. million less people saw the health benefits of being active outside in nature in 2022 compared to two years before then.

According to the figures the value of the drop in activity in financial terms was £390 million, around £365 for every person on average. This is the figure it is estimated that the health service would be prepared to spend to gain the same health benefits as achieved by spending time in nature. The findings are part of UK natural capital accounts: 2023, that try to estimate the financial value of the UK’s natural wealth. You can find more information about the methodology of that study by following this link. For more information about the ONS findings about time spent in nature, go to their website to learn more.

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