Town centres: position statement from the Welsh Government

June 2023 | Rural policy

orange SUV beside brown and gray house

Two thirds of Wales’s population live in towns or cities with more than 10,000 people. Successful town and city centres are therefore vital to the environmental, economic, social, and cultural wellbeing of Wales. They create a sense of belonging and identity, where people meet, shop, live and work. But some of Wales’s town centres are in decline. They face complex challenges which are sometimes unique to specific places.

The Welsh Government has released a position statement addressing the challenges faced by town centres and outlining their plans to revitalise them. Published on 2 May 2023, the statement recognises the issues such as the migration of services from town centres to out-of-town locations, the reinforcement of out-of-town locations due to private car dependency, and the unique challenges posed by the climate and nature emergencies.

The statement can be read in full on the Welsh Government’s website. 

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