Welsh Government hold consultation on the use of bed and breakfast accommodation to fight homelessness

August 2023 | Featured, Rural poverty

The Welsh Government have invited responses from the public regarding the proposed changes to Schedule 2 to the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016. The changes to schedule 2 would prevent bed and breakfast accommodation that is used for the purposes of housing the homeless to be an occupation contract. This is relevant in those instances in which a bed and breakfast is providing rooms for the homeless as a result of an agreement with a local housing authority.

In 2016, when the act was passed, the Government didn’t foresee that there would be a need to use bed and breakfast accommodation to individuals over an extended period. According to a statement by the Government the maximum period that individuals would stay in such conditions in that period was between two and six weeks. According to the overview document, they state that a lack of accommodation as well as changes in the ways people are housed following the pandemic means that there is a wider and more frequent use of bed and breakfast accommodation that necessitates a change. The consultation closes on 15 September 2023, you can find further details about the changes and more information on how to respond the Welsh Government’s website.

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