Welsh Government launch Tidal Lagoon Challenge Fund

July 2023 | Featured, River to sea

The Welsh Government have launched the Tidal Lagoon Challenge Fund to look for research proposals that will study the barriers facing tidal lagoon development programmes and that will help to outline the advantages and benefits of such schemes.

According to the Welsh Government the scheme will aid their intention of making Wales a focal point of tidal lagoon technologies for the purposes of generating energy. Their hope is that the challenge fund will attract expertise in the field in order to create an environment that will build upon the essential knowledge needed to develop tidal lagoon technology and raise the profile of this developing field.

The fund is £750,000 in total and awards of up to £250,000 will be made for successful applicants in three different categories. The individual categories for which the grants will be awarded are, environment, engineering and technical and finance and socio-economic.

You can find out more information about the scheme, as well as details of how to qualify for the funding and how to make an application on the website of the Welsh Government.

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