NFU Cymru criticises changes in regulatory fees and charging regime by Natural Resources Wales

July 2023 | Featured, Rural policy

NFU Cymru have expressed their disappointment in an increase in fees in the regulatory fees and charging regime that are set by Natural Resources Wales. According to the union, the ‘dramatic’ increase in fees that farmers will have to pay represents a further challenge to farmers in an economic context where inflation and increasing costs are already having a big effect on the industry.

The regulatory fees and charging regime sets the costs for licenses that farmers have to apply for to change certain uses of their land and to deal with waste that is derived from agriculture. After seeking feedback from their members, NFU Cymru presented a response to a consultation by Natural Resources Wales on the matter back in January 2023. You can read that response in its entirety here.

In a statement NFU Cymru Rural Affairs Board Chairman Heledd Pugh said: ‘We are extremely disappointed that despite the industry raising legitimate concerns over the significant rises to fees and charges, that Natural Resources Wales has persisted and Welsh Government has approved these staggeringly expensive proposals with the changes due to be applied from this week.’

You can read the full statement on NFU Cymru’s website. You can also study the changes made by Natural Resources Wales on their website.

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