New Farmers Union of Wales President elected

July 2023 | Featured, Rural policy

Ian Rickman has been elected as the new President of the Farmers Union of Wales following a unanimous vote in his favour in a meeting of Union Council in Abersytwyth last week. His election comes after the retirement of Glyn Roberts who served eight years in the role.

Rickman is a sheep and beef farmer from Gurnos, Llangadog in Carmarthenshire and has served as Deputy President since 2019.

In a statement he said:

‘Funding for farming in Wales urgently needs clarity. At the moment we more or less know what we can expect until 2024 in terms of support for agriculture, but after that you fall off a cliff if you try to do any sort of cash flow or business planning. We realistically don’t know the details of how farm support is going to look going forward. A lot of my work in the immediate future is going to focus on getting clarity for our members on this.’

You can read more about Ian Rickman and his election to the post on the Farmers Union of Wales website.

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