Welsh food companies to display their goods at New York trade show

June 2023 | Farm to fork, Featured

wide angle photo of Brooklyn Bridge under cloudy sky

A selection of companies that produce food and drink in Wales are getting the opportunity to show their wares at a food show in New York. The ‘Summer Fancy Food Show 2023’ is being organised by the Speciality Food Association in the last week of June. This is the largest specialist food show in America, and the companies attending are receiving support from Welsh Government to display there.

The delegation will include The Billington Group, Tŷ Nant, Welsh Lady Preserves, Morning Foods and Hilltop Honey.

Lesley Griffiths, the Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, said:

“We all know the quality of Welsh food and drink is up there with the best in the world and we need to ensure it is rightly recognised.

“We are proud to support our food and drink producers at this important global event, reaffirming our commitment to raising our international profile and supporting our businesses. We see the United States as one of our key export markets and are working hard to raise the profile of our producers and grow the industry.”

The three-day event gives food and drink companies to make valuable business connections, network internationally and to help them better understand their produce sectors. There are 2,500 companies displaying to 25,000 buyers at the event. You can find out more information by follwing this link.

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